Adoption News

Europe PMC announces ROR integration into Grant Finder

Europe PMC, one of the largest providers of high-performance search tools for life sciences literature, has announced that its Grant Finder now incorporates Research Organization Registry (ROR) IDs to help users find active and completed grants awarded by Europe PMC funders.

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Case Studies

Case Study: ROR at Rockefeller University Press and Silverchair

Rockefeller University Press has incorporated ROR into many aspects of their workflow, and their platform provider Silverchair was there to help.

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Parents, Children, and Other Relationships in ROR Records

One common question we receive about ROR registry records is whether they reflect organizational hierarchy and relationships between organizations – yes, they do!

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Case Studies

Case Study: ROR in Caltech Repositories

In this case study we interview Tom Morrell, Research Data Specialist at Caltech Library and key contributor to the open source research data management system InvenioRDM, about Caltech’s early adoption of ROR IDs in their repository systems and why InvenioRDM is architected with ROR IDs for funders and author affiliations.

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Event Recaps

ROR Turns Four: Highlights from the 2023 Annual Community Meeting

Four years ago, ROR was first introduced to the world at an open community meeting the day before PIDapalooza. Since then, we have continued to celebrate ROR’s anniversary every year with a big public event to bring together the broad network of ROR users and supporters and reinforce ROR’s commitment to developing open, sustainable, community-driven infrastructure.

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Case Studies

Case Study: ROR in FAIRsharing

In this installment of the ROR Case Studies series, we talk with Allyson Lister, Content and Community Lead for FAIRsharing, a cross-disciplinary registry of scientific standards, databases, and policies, about how and why FAIRsharing used ROR to help make organizations first-class citizens in their data model.

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General Updates

Joy Owango and Natasha Simons Join ROR Steering Group

ROR is excited to welcome two new members to its Steering Group this year: Joy Owango from the Training Centre in Communication (TCC Africa) and Natasha Simons from the Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC).

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Year in Review

ROR's Year in Review: 2022

2022 has been a momentous year for ROR! We experienced significant growth, reached critical milestones, and established a foundation for long-term sustainability.

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Schema Scheming: Evolving the ROR Data Model

We’ve run several calls for feedback in 2022, but here’s one you’ll definitely want to chime in on: our draft proposal of major changes to the ROR data model for schema version 2.

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Technical News

Handling Organization Status Changes in ROR

2022 was a big year for ROR in many ways, but it was especially notable from a tech standpoint. In early 2022, we built tools and processes that allowed ROR to begin curating the registry separately from GRID, which quickly opened possibilities for tackling projects that had been waiting on the back burner until ROR became fully independent.

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